PQ Lite

Our Online Link Saves Counties Time and Money

Many county assessors would like to have their own data and parcel maps available to the general public online, but they just don't have the technical or financial resources to do so. That's where PQ Lite comes in.

Instead of paying to create a special plug-in, counties use PQ Lite to display their data and maps on their own county websites. PQ Lite is an abbreviated version of PQ Online. It works behind the scenes via a link on the county assessor's website. Individuals can search for property, see their assessment values, and view and print parcel maps.

Why do county assessors use PQ Lite? Because ParcelQuest's data is the county assessor's data, updated, continually maintained, and enhanced by ParcelQuest. There's never a question about accuracy or currency - that's why the assessors trust ParcelQuest.

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