Why Gateway is the Superior Parcel Geodatabase

We’ve talked before about how ParcelQuest Gateway is the first and only authoritative source of California parcel data available right in the ArcGIS platform. But what does that mean, exactly? Why is it such a game-changer for Esri users? And why can’t we stop climbing onto rooftops to shout about it?

Get the Parcel Data You Need in Fewer Steps

Let’s say your agency is working on a big project. Details of the project are already mapped out in ArcGIS, but now you need to associate parcels that will be affected by implementation, complete with owner information. What do you do next?

You could cross your fingers and hope that whatever parcels you’ve loaded in ArcGIS are up to date. But you quickly realize it’s missing the owner information you need, and you’re also not convinced the parcel layer has been updated any time in the last year.

So maybe you decide to update the information yourself. You trudge over to the county assessor’s office and dig up the information you need, then sit down to painstakingly update the parcel ownership by hand. You end up with carpal tunnel syndrome and lose a day of progress on your project, but at least you know the data is accurate.

Or maybe you’ve seen the light and started using ParcelQuest Online to look up your California parcel data. But downloading thousands of parcel shapes from ParcelQuest Online and uploading them into ArcGIS is just plain impossible. You could run both programs at once and tab back and forth between them while you write down a list somewhere else…but honestly, who has time for all that?

Good Foundations Make Everything Better

We made ParcelQuest Gateway to answer a problem we heard often within the Esri community: GIS professionals whose daily workflow mainly exists in ArcGIS wanted the convenience of up-to-date property data streamed right into the platform. So that’s exactly what we did.

Gateway is a new parcel geodatabase that can serve as the parcel foundation for the rest of your work. All the other data layers you use can be overlaid, and you can use this layer as the jumping-off point for the mapping and data analysis tasks you use ArcGIS for every day.

It’s a streaming service, which means we’re updating it constantly in real time. Parcel data gets checked and updated daily, and our on-staff mapping team updates our parcel layer within a month of any changes.

It’s the most up-to-date, accurate, and authoritative source of California parcel information you’ll find in ArcGIS, and once you’re set up, you don’t have to do anything to keep it updated. We do all that work on our end, and you just access it when you need it.

Are you an existing ParcelQuest subscriber looking for an integrated option? An Esri user who needs the easiest possible way to get California parcel maps? Someone else who loves parcels as passionately as we do? Whoever you are, we can help you figure out the solution that makes the most sense for your organization and workflow. Call us today for a free quote: 1-888-217-8999.

Why Gateway is the Superior Parcel Geodatabase

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