The most up-to-date and authoritative California property data in the universe.

We are the sole provider of the most current California property data available online. That means 13 million parcels of data for all 58 counties, updated daily straight from the county assessors.
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Owner Names and Addresses for Every Property in California

You need to know who owns a property or where they’re located in order to request access, send notices, deliver a warrant, make an offer, and a thousand other reasons we won’t list here (you’re welcome). Whatever your need, we’ve got the data, updated in sync with county tax records.

Search by APN, address, and proximity, or choose a location on the map. Information for property owners in all 58 California counties is available in one place, saving you the hassle of multiple searches on multiple platforms.

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Everything You Ever Needed to Know, And Then Some

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Our parcel search tool is the web’s only source of up-to-the-minute-accurate data for every California property. Whether you need information on one property or one million, for one county or statewide, you’ll find it in our platform.

With ParcelQuest, you can find parcels using a variety of search tools, explore interactive APN maps, and get zoning information matched to the applicable parcels, just for starters.

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Peek Behind the Curtain

Watch our video introduction to learn more about ParcelQuest and see the program in action.

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