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Locate property information by entering anything you know into parcel search: address, APN, Use Category, proximity to every In-N-Out Burger... Or use our high-res maps to select any parcel or area and get the information you want immediately, right at your fingertips.

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Text Search

Type in the parcel information you know for any property in the Golden State and PQ Online will tell you the rest: owner name, address, APN, square footage, recent sale information, value, bedroom and bathroom count, longitude and latitude, tax payment status, flood zone, earthquake fault proximity, altitude, foreclosure notice filings—you name it.

Map Search

Zoom in on an aerial or street map of California to find the area you’re looking for. Click on a rooftop or select a point of interest and you’ll be linked to all the information about a specific property: address, APN, owners’ names, assessment data, parcel boundaries, parcel maps…you get the picture.

You can even select a parcel or group of parcels, or draw a point, a line or custom area on the map and find out which parcels are in that area. Our map-based search also allows you to calculate land acreage or lot dimensions for any California parcel.

Property Use Types

Our proprietary Use Type field makes it easy to locate properties by primary use category (residential, commercial, etc.) in any California county without needing to interpret each of the 58 county use coding schemes. This feature provides a convenient alternative to Use Code for search and analysis by property use category.

Sales Comps

Need comparable sales for valuation or due diligence? Realtors, appraisers and investors can find sales history and property characteristics, making it easy to estimate current market value for any property in the state. Find sales history for any property in California by using our automated ParcelComps feature or by entering the APN or address and the comparable search criteria you’re looking for – say, square footage, number of bedrooms and baths, for example – and the prior sales timeframe.

ParcelComps Feature

Our ParcelComps feature will automatically find comparable properties that sold recently. If you want to further refine your search, you can easily adjust the sales comp criteria.

Other Features

  • GIS

    Our GIS files are continually updated to reflect current county parcel boundaries, owners, characteristics, and more.

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  • APN Maps

    Our parcel maps are high-resolution, interactive, exportable, and measurable.

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  • Property Owners

    Verify ownership data, addresses, and multiple properties with one click.

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