Service addresses, billing addresses—if they’re not accurate, you’ve got a lot more work to do.

Or maybe you’re looking for the right property owner to recommend energy efficient upgrades to. Reduce your liability by verifying you’re speaking to the property owner versus a renter or tenant with the most current database available.

Use our continuously updated parcel boundaries to be sure the work you’re performing is on the correct property before you accidentally cross an invisible property line. View tax bills and find properties paying specific lighting, water, or other utility district fees, or which are located in a different utility district. Subscribe to our Change Notification Service and you’ll know when every property in your service area changes hands.

Features frequently used by utilities

  • Parcel Search

    Find all the property data you need with just an APN or address.

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  • Property Owners

    Verify ownership data, addresses, and multiple properties with one click.

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  • APN Maps

    Our parcel maps are high-resolution, interactive, exportable, and measurable.

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  • GIS

    Our GIS files are continually updated to reflect current county parcel boundaries, owners, characteristics, and more.

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  • Bulk Data

    Whether you need parcel data for a one-time project or on an ongoing basis, ParcelQuest's bulk data files give you the information you want in a standardized format, ready to use via FTP download.

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