Property Owners

Identify and notify property owners.
And simplify your job.

We’ve got the primary owner names and addresses for every property in the state of California (13 million, give or take), updated and in sync with county tax records. With just a click, you can easily identify the owner of every property regardless of use type and whether the owner is an individual or legal entity.

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Find Property Owners

Find Owners by Name, Address, Location or Proximity

Identify property owners wherever they may be, whether they’re scattered throughout the state or county, or in the community adjacent to your parcel of interest. For example, you can search by name, APN or address, by location on a map or by proximity to your subject property.

Statewide Search

Need ownership information across counties? No problem. With ParcelQuest, you can locate hard-to-find owners holding property under different titles by running a statewide mailing address search.

Contact And Notify Property Owners

Contact Property Owners

Once you’ve identified owners, create mailing lists and labels to notify owners quickly and easily. Export names and addresses for a mail merge, and create mailing labels using either the property address or the mailing address.

Parcel Change Notification Service

Stay on top of parcels that move. With our Parcel Change Notification Service, you get parcel and ownership changes from your geographic area of interest delivered directly to your inbox. ParcelQuest will watch the parcels within your defined geographic boundary and notify you when anything changes based on custom criteria you choose.

Depending on the frequency of updates from the county assessors, change notifications can be delivered to you as frequently as daily, ready for upload into your own internal billing and management systems.

Tax Bill Data

Access Property Tax Bill Data

Gaining access to updated and accurate property tax bill data isn’t a huge deal. It’s a bunch of little deals, all rolled into one. Our online Property Tax Bill data feature eliminates all the hassle by providing quick and easy access to property tax bill information for both residential and commercial properties throughout California.

Search By Taxing Agency And Find Delinquencies

Using our Property Tax Bill Data feature, you’ll have unlimited access to tax bills, taxes due, delinquent taxes, tax bill line items and even due dates. With PQ Online’s Tax Search feature, you can find delinquent tax bills based on taxing agency, default dates and tax bill amounts. Need fast access to property tax bills for large groups of APNs? We can do that too.

Other Features

  • GIS

    Our GIS files are continually updated to reflect current county parcel boundaries, owners, characteristics, and more.

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  • Exports & Reports

    Take data, images and maps from PQ Online and put them directly into your own applications.

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  • Recorded Documents

    Purchase a single document or full set with just a click, including grant deeds, pre-foreclosure notices, and a lot more.

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Get the skinny on every California property from the fattest bank of data there is.

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