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We take our data seriously because our customers seriously need it to do their jobs right and help the people they serve. Our team has worked directly with California’s county assessors for over fifty years so that we’re able to provide standardized assessor data to a variety of state and federal agencies. Take your parcel search to the next level with our variety of advanced tools and features.


Identify property owners for any parcel in any county so you can confirm reduced irrigation rates, or evaluate properties you’re interested in for easement purposes. We have countless ways to search quickly, like typing in whatever information you know, such as APN, owner name, address, etc., by using our interactive Google map to zoom in and click on an area of interest, or by proximity to your subject property in feet, meters or miles using a buffer search. When you overlay virtual layers, you can get even more detailed information about parcels in your jurisdiction, so that everything you need to know is just a click away.


You need access to someone’s property, but you need permission first. Make sure you’re contacting the right owner before you go soil sampling, radon testing, bug catching, or whatever it is you need to get done. Our property information is comprehensive and easily searchable to find exactly what you need.

Our ownership data is updated and in sync with county tax records. We don’t display new owner names until they are officially verified by the county assessor’s office, so you don’t have to worry about errors in legal notifications and mailings that are common when using data keyed from unverified recorded documents. Once you’ve found what you need, you can export the data directly into a mailing list so you can reach the right people the first time, every time.


We offer both monthly and annual subscription plans. Are you part of a large group? We offer plans that provide discounted per subscriber fees that might work better for your company or agency.

ParcelQuest Gateway for Esri users

Tired of waiting for updated parcel and property data and then having to manually download, format, standardize, clean and re-integrate it into your GIS environment? Now you can have access to the first and only real-time, accurate, automatically updated California parcel streaming servicein ArcGIS.

ParcelQuest Gateway is kept current within 24 hours of most assessors’ internal property tax systems, and we get our data straight from every county assessor. No more rejected applications, reports, legal filings or other work output due to old data, so you can get the job done right, right away.

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