If It Ain’t Broke, Make It Better

The PQ Philosophy of Perpetual Parcel Search Improvements

Fun fact: Ancient Romans kept track of land ownership with detailed cadastral maps in order to accurately tax citizens. ParcelQuest wasn’t around back then, because California didn’t exist yet, so we weren’t collecting that Ancient Roman parcel data. But we have been around a long time. Long enough that we used to keep updated parcel maps on microfiche.

The journey from paper to microfiche to CD to DVD to the cloud is part love story and part testament to just how much we care about making parcels easier to search. Maybe that’s the same thing.

The point is, there have been a lot of times in the history of ParcelQuest where it would have been easy to rest on our laurels as California’s most authoritative source of up-to-date parcel information.

But instead, we’ve spent our time adding features and products that solve even the most minor annoyances and provide even the most obscure information. Because anything less would be a disservice to the beauty and majesty of California parcel data (and the people who rely on it every day for their jobs).

Your Time Is Valuable. So We Help You Keep It.

Everything we offer through ParcelQuest exists to make somebody’s day easier. The parcel data itself is mostly a matter of public record. You could get APN numbers and owner information and sales data on your own, but it might take you hours and require a road trip down to the county assessor’s office.

The same principle applies to everything else we offer. Sure, you could spend hours (or years) of your life gathering this data…but why would you do that to yourself?

Every ParcelQuest feature and product was born from the actual needs of our users and our desire to offer the most thorough, useful, authoritative source of parcel information:

  • Map Layers, drawn by experts, imported, and matched to our own hand-drawn cadastral layer. From flood plains to fire zones, crops to topography, we make it easy to cross-reference layers of data to zero in on the land features you care about.
  • PQ Gateway, which streams the power of ParcelQuest directly into your ArcGIS environment, so Esri users don’t have to leave their favorite mapping tool to get all of the parcel data they could possibly desire.
  • PQ Zoning, which brings thousands of zoning codes together into one place, matched by hand to the parcel layer, allowing you to pull up complete zoning reports for as many parcels as you need across the state.

Do You Need Something? We’re Listening.

Let’s face it: the parcel enthusiast community isn’t as big as it should be. But until the rest of the world discovers their latent passion for California parcel data, we have the advantage of being able to really get to know our users.

So if there’s something you need, some feature that’s lacking, some function that would make your life easier, you can ask us and we might just be able to make it a reality. That’s how we’ve always worked to make ParcelQuest better, and we’re not going to stop now.

Who Needs Parcel Zoning Information?

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