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Delivering today’s parcels to ArcGIS like magic.

ParcelQuest Gateway is a feature service delivering continuously updated, ready-to-use parcel boundaries, owner names, addresses, and characteristics directly into your Esri Ecosystem. Now you don’t have to painstakingly download parcel data from county sources and clean it yourself to pair it with existing data sources. Never make do with out-of-date information again.

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If you’re not using Gateway, you’re working too hard.

Sure, there are other ways to get parcel data into ArcGIS. But none of them are this accurate, this simple to use, or save you this much time. Gateway lets you focus on what you’re really working on.

You Need Your Data… Straight from the County Assessor, Current within 24 hours, Continuously updated, Already cleaned up and standardized, Instantly available for all 58 California counties, Parcel changes drawn faster than any other service You Need Your Data… Straight from the County Assessor, Current within 24 hours, Continuously updated, Already cleaned up and standardized, Instantly available for all 58 California counties, Parcel changes drawn faster than any other service

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where does your data come from?

    Since 1995, ParcelQuest has worked directly with California County Assessors and other local, state, and federal agencies to collect, standardize, and publish daily updated property-related content through various tools and services. ParcelQuest also has an in-house team of Cadastral Mappers and GIS Specialists that uses industry best practices and ethics standards. As a result, ParcelQuest produces the only statewide GIS parcel boundary layer in existence that is updated daily with newly created parcels and rapidly changing ownership data.

  • Who is putting all this together?

    Our in-house team of cadastral and GIS mappers uses industry best practices and ethics standards to produce and maintain our parcel boundary layer. We are proud of our close working relationship with the Center for Geographic Information & Analysis (CGIA).

  • How is this different from what I get myself from the county?

    ParcelQuest’s Gateway feature service benefits from the constant communication between ParcelQuest’s in-house GIS specialists and the assessor’s mapping team. When a parcel is created, split, or merged, ParcelQuest is notified faster than any other private company or even the county’s own GIS department. As a result, the parcels in Gateway are often more current than any other source by weeks or even months. Gateway also contains data for every parcel in California, not just taxable parcels. Gateway’s parcel alignment also benefits from continuous feedback from thousands of loyal ParcelQuest customers around the state.

  • How is the information displayed?

    Gateway is a parcel feature service delivered as a hosted feature layer through ArcGIS within the Esri Ecosystem.

  • Does this service include parcel addresses?

    Yes. PQ Gateway provides both the parcel address and the address where the owner receives their tax bill.

  • How does ParcelQuest deliver Gateway into my ArcGIS environment?

    ParcelQuest hosts its Esri data in the reliable Azure cloud. For ArcGIS Online users, you just need to create a group and invite our PQ user administrator over to share the feature service. Once that’s enabled, all Esri users within your organization can access the data through that group. For ArcGIS Enterprise customers, ParcelQuest would set up an ArcGIS server user with the appropriate permissions, and the credentials are stored within that connection.

  • We have two or three applications that use parcels. Who can use the service?

    Any GIS user with your organization. The license is like Esri’s Enterprise license.

  • We have a public-facing portal. Can we use the service for that?

    Yes. Nearly every agency that uses PQ Gateway has some form of public-facing portal. Contact us for details pertaining to your specific application.

  • How is Gateway different from PQ Online?

    It’s the same up-to-the-minute data you’re used to but fully integrated into the Esri Ecosystem. That means more robust mapping tools, more ways to cross-reference information, and no need to move between two programs to get what you need. This enables our customers to fully leverage their Esri investment across their enterprise.

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