The Magic of All Your Data Living in One Place

We used to live in a paper world. Then a CD world. For a long time, different pieces of information had to be created separately, stored separately, and brought together in a physical space. Collaboration was a thing that happened around a table. And if you wanted to see parcel data shown on a specific map, you had to draw it yourself.

We’re not in that world anymore, though. Now workflows are almost entirely digitized, and collaboration happens in the cloud. Maps are dynamic and can be integrated, layered, and analyzed in basically limitless ways. So why are you still importing your parcel data by hand like it’s 1995?

We Are Living in a Digital World, and You Are a Digital…Well, Whatever

If you’re using ArcGIS, you already know how powerful it is for building maps and analyzing multiple layers of data at once. But are you taking advantage of all the streaming services, plug-ins, add-ons, and app integrations that allow you to pull the data you need into ArcGIS from other sources?

We’re talking about tools like Insights, which allows you to create and import whatever spatial intelligence your organization needs. Or the Cost Analysis Widget, which allows you to sketch assets onto an ArcGIS map and estimate the cost of building or implementing them.

Or, most important of all, ParcelQuest Gateway. The parcel database you’ve historically used in ArcGIS is infrequently updated and isn’t an authoritative source. Gateway solves that problem by providing California parcel data, updated daily, direct from CA county assessors.

The ParcelQuest Gateway streaming service integrates completely with your ArcGIS platform, so you can get the real-time California parcel data  you need right inside your ArcGIS.

Get Out of the Parcel Business

At ParcelQuest, we live, breathe, and eat parcels (we don’t recommend that last one, they are not very tasty). It makes sense for us to spend our time collecting California parcel data for 58 counties, checking it for accuracy, re-drawing boundaries by hand as necessary, and updating that information for professionals like you.

What doesn’t make any sense is for you to do that. Because you’re not in the parcel business. You’re city planners or engineers or surveyors, or other professionals with your own job titles and demands on your time. So why are you spending any more time than you need on parcels?

Call us at 1-888-217-8999 to learn more about how Gateway fits into your existing ArcGIS workflow and to get a custom quote.

The Magic of All Your Data Living in One Place

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