ParcelQuest Zoning

We’re the only people in the world who could have developed PQ Zoning. So we did.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have zoning information for all of California in one place? And wouldn’t it be even better if data was seamlessly matched to the parcel layer, so you could get every piece of relevant information you need from one report? If that’s the stuff your dreams are made of, then we have some great news for you.

PQ Zoning combines the parcel data you know and love with the zoning information you need to get your projects off the ground.

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PQ Zoning Codes

One of the most valuable elements of our new PQ Zoning feature is the parcel-specific zoning codes – not just the general zoning type. We’ve spent years matching thousands of zoning maps against the parcel layer, so now you can easily access those PQ Zoning codes alongside the other vital parcel data, like ownership information, assessment detail, characteristics, and recent sales data.

Zoning Codes

PQ Zoning Type

We’ve taken thousands of zoning codes collected from hundreds of municipalities across dozens of counties and aggregated them. Instead of trying to memorize what code means what in which place, we keep things simple with our twelve PQ Zoning types. You can even include the PQ Zoning type field in your search when looking for parcels, or overlay the PQ Zoning type layer against the parcel layer for easy viewing.

  • 1 – Agricultural
  • 2 – Commercial
  • 3 – Industrial/Manufacturing
  • 4 – Miscellaneous
  • 5 – Mixed Use
  • 6 – Overlay
  • 7 – Planned Development
  • 8 – Public
  • 9 – Recreation/Open Space
  • 10 – Residential
  • 11 – Rural
  • 12 – Unclassified

Zoning Reports

Once you’ve found the parcel(s) you’re looking for, you can run a PQ Zoning report that includes PQ Zoning codes, PQ Zoning type, ownership information, assessment detail, and sales history. Reports also include the PQ Zoning codes and types for adjacent parcels.

We’ve Spent Years Matching Zoning Maps to Parcel Layers, so You Don’t Have To

Whether you’re looking for information on one property or thousands, PQ Zoning makes searching for parcels fast and easy. Say sayonara to hours spent poring over multiple county websites searching for zoning regulations and maps. We’ve acquired zoning data in 46 counties, and we’re working on the rest.

PQ Zoning by County


You get PQ Zoning codes for 100% of all properties, plus the PQ Zoning Type layer and PQ Zoning reports.

PQ Zoning Codes Only

Includes the primary PQ Zoning code only for over 90% of parcels. Additional codes for parcels with split zoning, the PQ Zoning Type layer and PQ Zoning reports are coming soon.

We’re Working on it

Some county-supplied zoning information may be available in these counties. Once we have completed our expert analysis of each planning department’s zoning map this data will be replaced with current PQ Zoning codes and other awesome PQ Zoning content.

Other Features

We’re on a mission to know everything about every California land parcel. And we mean EVERYTHING.

Join us on our quest.

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