Who Needs Parcel Zoning Information?

ParcelQuest is the single most complete source of California parcel data. We’ve made it our business to know everything about every inch of our state’s 163,696 square miles. We’ve mapped, measured, scraped, analyzed, drawn, color-coded, taste-tested and cross-referenced 13 million parcels in 58 California counties.

And then, because we like a challenge, we did the whole thing again to import zoning data, too.

If you’re an Aviator subscriber, you already have access to our newest up-and-coming product, PQ Zoning. You already know that it provides fully integrated zoning information consisting of PQ Zoning types and PQ Zoning codes for parcels in 46 California counties (and more being added all the time).

But if you’re not an Aviator subscriber yet, you may be wondering – do I really need this? Is it worth the upgrade? And, well, you have to follow your heart on that one. But depending on what you do, what information you need, and who you are? PQ Zoning could rock your world.

Land Developers

If you’re a developer in California, you already know the frustration of trying to find zoning information for multiple properties. For each property, you’d normally have to navigate to the county website, find the correct zoning maps, search by APN, copy down the codes, then look up each code to see its corresponding zoning regulation.

Then, for the next property, you’d have to start all over again. If it’s in a different county, that means pulling up a totally different website, with a different navigation, and a completely different set of codes.

Then repeat that another couple dozen times. Or hundreds. Or thousands, depending on what exactly you’re doing.

For developers, there really is no reason not to let PQ Zoning do all that hard work for you. Instead of wasting a morning clicking around multiple county websites and making sense of all the different naming conventions for zoning types and codes, you can let us do that work for you.

Real Estate Investors

Let’s say you’re not a developer. You’re just an investor looking to buy and sell property in California. You’re interested in the value of various properties and finding the owner information so you can make a move.

But before you get your heart set on a piece of property, you need to know everything you possibly can. Zoning regulations can have a huge impact on the current and potential value of the property. You need to know what limitations are in place for adding onto existing property, whether any businesses can operate from there, and how a property could be further developed.

Most importantly, you can’t trust that a property that’s previously been used in a certain way can continue to be used that way once it’s exchanged hands. If a property has a variance in place, that special arrangement ends when the occupant leaves. Knowing the accurate zoning information for a property – rather than just its current use – will save you time and headaches later.


Maybe you’re a contractor or construction company and you never even thought you’d need parcel data. Even if that were somehow true (and how could it be? Everyone needs parcel data!), there is no other centralized source of easy-to-search and standardized zoning data for the state of California. If you do work throughout the state and need to quickly look up zoning information across counties, PQ Zoning has you covered.

Our platform won’t give you all the rules and parameters from the county, but it will give you the exact zoning code you need to look up to confirm. You can run a search for all the properties you’ll be working on over the next few months, complete with all of their respective zoning codes – without needing to spend a second of extra time searching for the right parcel on a county zoning map.

Whoever you are, and whatever you need from your parcel journey, ParcelQuest is the sidekick you didn’t know you needed. Check our pricing page to find the plan that makes the most sense for your organization. Or, call us at 888-217-8999 for a custom quote.

Who Needs Parcel Zoning Information?

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