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Stay ahead of the game and on top of opportunities with our wide array of both residential and commercial property data

We make finding investment opportunities easier and more profitable by helping you sort through millions of properties instantly to find the select few that are truly worth some on-the-ground research. Apply our advanced searching filters to find the kind of properties you’re looking for, including owner-occupied or absentee owner, vacant or nearly-vacant, multi-family residential, commercial, small or large acreages, or by elevation or proximity to other features or points of interest. Or use our aerial and street photography to get a quick look at a property—all from the comfort of your bunny slippers.

Give your local real estate association members access to pure, up-to-date, county-direct property data through your multiple listing service. We work with many MLS vendors around the state to provide PQ Online to their clients through a simple link.

Features frequently used by Real Estate professionals

“The ParcelQuest features are the best I've seen when it comes to intuitively being able to research property and surrounding properties.” —Eric H. Sand, Sotheby's Realty
“Thank you for the expert service and support. I am a big fan of ParcelQuest because you go the extra mile. I know I can call and talk to someone who will answer my questions.” —Jerry Baker, Chicago Title Company

The struggle for accurate property data is real.

Until now.

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