Find My Parcels: More Options, More Probability Of Finding What You Need

ParcelQuest has built the most powerful tools to find the property data you’re looking for. The Find My Parcels section, found within our Advanced Search menu, provides users a unique way to search for parcels using a wide range of data. The more boxes you fill in, the more refined your search will be.

Don’t have all the data? No problem. Our California parcel data comes straight from the California County Assessors, making our database the industry’s most accurate. So even if you only have one piece of the larger puzzle, we can find what you’re looking for. Below, we go over each part of Find My Parcels, so investors, surveyors, engineers, and so many others can find the parcels they need, fast.


Access to parcel data from all 58 California counties is at your fingertips. The more information you have, the more refined your search will be. Have one APN? Great. Have a whole list of APNs? Even better. Use the “Upload APN List” function to plot an entire list of APNs on the integrated Google map.

Got an area of a city that’s unique? Our “Search By Saved Shape” tool was created just for you. This powerful tool allows you to create a custom area that will confine your parcel search to your saved shape geography. And doing it is easy. Create a shape from the Buffer & Shapes tools menu and then select your shape from the Ownership area of the Find My Parcels section and search with unprecedented power.


An address is one of the most straight-forward ways to find the parcel you need. This tool offers two ways to search. Use “Property Address” when you want to find the actual physical property of a particular parcel. Use “Mailing Address” when you want the address where the property tax bill is mailed. No worries about accidentally sending a tax bill to a renter. In using “Mailing Address,” you’ll get the right address the first time, everytime.

Once you have your search results, you can choose to create reports or have everything exported into either a spreadsheet or converted to mailing labels.


Assessed value is different from market value, but you already know that. That’s why you’re using this tool. In a Proposition 13 world, you need all the tools you can get to find that exact parcel you’re looking for. Search by assessed value, tax rate area, or even census tract.

You can also use this tool to search by use code. Use codes are codes assessors assign to every single parcel in the state of CA. Don’t know what a county’s use codes are? No problem. Just click that blue link next to “Use Code” within the Assessments section that says “See Table,” and voila. A PDF will open that contains all of the Use Codes and their descriptions that pertain to the county selected. It’s powerful, but maybe you want to simplify. We’ve done it for you. We’ve taken all those use codes and rolled them up into our proprietary “Use Type” field so that you don’t have to interpret the use coding schemes across all 58 counties. Just click on the “Use Type” box to see the different use type categories, like “Residential Single Family,” “Vacant,” or even “Agricultural.”

Perhaps you’d rather search by the different agencies that are getting a portion of the property tax money of a particular parcel. Want to mail everyone within a particular school district? This is your tool.


Remember that classic SAT true or false problem? “Every sale is a transfer, but not every transfer is a sale.” Answer: True! This tool is for when you want to find a home that has either been sold or transferred within a certain date range. You can customize the sales date range or even the transfer date range and then search by the “Transfer Amount.”


A property has a certain je ne sais quoi, but the data we receive in the assessor’s file goes a long way toward demystifying what that quoi is. Maybe it’s the number of bedrooms, or the lot size. Either way, if you know your parcel has three stories and 14 bathrooms, this is your tool. And it’s not limited to a house that might have baseboard heat and 2 fireplaces. You can find commercial property, too. Just plug in the data you know, and we’ll do the rest.

We mean it when we say that we offer the most powerful way to find parcels in the state of California. But our work doesn’t stop at the assessor’s file. We’ve done the user research to refine our search tools to make sure you have what you need to do your job. No matter what line of work you’re in (lion tamer, maybe? Who knows!) we are here to respond to your needs and serve up the freshest California parcel data possible. ParcelQuest: Approved Even By Lion Tamers.

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