Did Somebody Order Bulk Data?

All the data you need, for all the parcels you can dream of.

The doorbell rings. You rush to answer and come face-to-face with a delivery guy, barely visible behind the huge stack of boxes in his arms. What could it be? A pizza? Donuts? No – something way better.

“I’ve got that fresh order for you!” he announces cheerfully. “Bulk parcel data, hot and ready from the assessor’s office!”

Okay, okay. We don’t really deliver data in packages to your door. We do something better: a digital file of continuously updated parcel data – cleaned up, streamlined, organized, and ready to plug directly into your GIS software.

Sometimes, You Just Need a Fat Stack of Data

Bulk Data Export

Are you a consultant who needs to print a ton of mailing labels for every property in the state? A geospatial information professional looking to import parcel information into your native GIS application?

If you need up-to-date and accurate parcel information for any (or all!) of California’s 58 counties, we can deliver it in a simple downloadable format with our bulk data offering.

We have bulk data available for all of the modules below:

• Ownership
• Sales data
• Property characteristics
• Exemptions
• Tax Bill and Payment data
• Unsecured Roll
• Centroid (lat/long)

Let us know which ones you’re looking for, and we’ll deliver just those data files and trim the rest so you don’t have to waste a second slogging through information you don’t need.

Hungry for More? PQ Online Is Here

Our bulk parcel data is available monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. And maybe that’s enough for your needs. But if you need it updated even more frequently, or available in an interactive live environment, maybe you’d prefer working with our ParcelQuest Online product.

You can create an account and log in to access all of the parcel data we have in bulk, plus access to maps, visual layers, zoning data, and more. So you tell us what you’re looking for. Whether you need a one-time data dump or ongoing access to up-to-the-minute updates, nobody has as much California property information as we do. Call 888-217-8999 for pricing and more information.

Who Needs Parcel Zoning Information?

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