Meet Our GIS Experts

If you’ve ever wondered how we manage to maintain such up-to-date and accurate parcel boundaries, it’s all thanks to our all-star team of GIS specialists. Read on to meet the minds behind the maps.

Denise Tober

GIS Manager

Denise Tober’s parcel career started in a California county assessor’s office, where she and a colleague from Public Works began collaborating to leverage the assessor’s cadastral maps and data as one cohesive unit.

She’s been on the ground since the early beginnings of modern GIS in the 1990s, and she’s learned a lot through hands-on experience as the technological landscape has shifted in that space. She shares her wisdom with the CGIA, where she’s served on the Board of Directors for six years.

ParcelQuest originally approached Denise to help part-time with drawing cadastral maps for a small rural county. That small job quickly led to her becoming a full-time ParcelQuest GIS manager tasked with managing a team to update the statewide parcel basemap. The rest, as they say, is history.

Tracy Tober

GIS Specialist

Tracy comes by her love of GIS mapping quite naturally: it’s the family trade! After school, she’d visit her mom at the county office and be fascinated by the large roles of maps and the drafting tables, and she started collecting Thomas Guides for road trips as she got older.

Tracy studied Geography and Land Use Planning at Southern Oregon University and has kept her skills sharp through the Esri academy and other online programs. She is also an active member in CGIA and is involved in the membership and engagement committees. She has worked in GIS at ParcelQuest since 2006. Tracy spends her time at PQ maintaining parcel basemaps and managing our feature service, PQ Gateway.

When not knee-deep in parcels, Tracy can be found traveling the world. She also loves to cook and has a self-described healthy addiction to escape rooms.

Michael Arreguin

GIS Analyst/Developer

Michael first encountered GIS while studying archaeology as an undergraduate, and quickly grew fascinated by the way it could be applied to multiple domains. In graduate school, he studied GIS analysis and its applications in hydrology, agriculture, law enforcement, and beyond, spinning those interests into a career.

Over the span of his career as a GIS analyst/Developer, he’s worked with municipal GIS teams and contributed to engineering consulting and waste logistics, among other things. At ParcelQuest, he’s helped maintain parcel base maps, found ways to automate processes, and helped create new products for customers.

Michael is a new member of the CGIA and is especially excited to be part of the broader conversation about ethics in GIS, particularly personal privacy and ethical mapping, as well as the future of the industry. Outside of work, he can usually be found hiking, fishing, creating music, and spending time with his family at their vintage home in the Sierra Nevada foothills.