We Love City GIS Experts

We’ll be real with you: parcel data is always going to be our one true love. But there are other folks out there who love land parcels almost as much as we do, and they deserve a little special attention.

From city planning and public works to code enforcement and IT, ParcelQuest has always had a pretty special relationship with our friends in municipal agencies. We’re always looking for another chance to connect with city employees and make their lives better, because they make our lives better, too.

We’re Attentive to Your Needs (for Up-to-Date and Accurate Parcel Data)

We can serve up California parcel data in multiple formats, making it easy for you to fold the information you need right into your workflow.

Are you working out of an Esri environment and need a one-time import or up-to-date parcel information into your system? If you’re not quite ready for ParcelQuest Gateway, our parcel data feature service for ArcGIS, we can provide you with bulk data files that can be easily loaded into your GIS platform.

Tell us what you need included. Ownership information? Property characteristics? Sales data? Tax bill details? We’ll pack up what you need and leave off the details that aren’t relevant to your purpose.

Or maybe you need maps that are interactive and searchable, with custom shapes and layers. Our ParcelQuest online program is so simple to navigate that anyone in your office can search for what they need. There’s no need to fire up a full-suite GIS mapping software just for a quick hit of data.

GIS mapping software screenshot

Talk to us about what you need, and we’ll set you up with the right products and user licenses for your organization. And if there’s a feature you long for in the depths of your soul? Just ask. We can probably find a way to build it.

We Work Hand-in-Hand with Municipal Mappers

We get our parcel information straight from the county assessor’s office. But you know who’s often the best authority on a city’s parcel zoning information? The city itself.

As a municipal employee, you might be the first one to know about the zoning codes for that new subdivision. Your in-house mapping team can let us know about those changes, and we’ll update the zoning codes and the zoning layer in our system.

GIS mapping software screenshot

That special relationship with California cities is part of what allows us to offer the most accurate California parcel data in the universe. It’s part of what gets us up in the morning each day. What’s more exciting than going to work knowing you’ll have a chance to talk about parcels with someone who loves them almost as much as you do?

If you’re not using ParcelQuest yet for your municipal agency, or you have questions about how to unleash its full potential for your team, give us a call at 888-217-8999. We’d love to chat and will work with you one-on-one to figure out the parcel data solution that fits your city’s needs.

Who Needs Parcel Zoning Information?

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