Federal and State Agencies Love Need ParcelQuest Too

California is huge. Enormous. Super jumbo-sized. It’s so big you could fit at least five other US states plus the entire United Kingdom in it with room to spare. That’s a lot of property information to keep up with, which is a gigantic reason why federal and state agencies should use ParcelQuest. ParcelQuest makes it easier to keep track of California’s vast number of land parcels, providing quick and easy access to the most up-to-date parcel data.

Whether you work for the Bureau of Reclamation, the US Forest Service, or the Bureau of Land Management, we’ve got the data you need. We can help state agencies out too. California, being roughly the size of the moon, has immense state agencies with titanic needs.

There’s a lot of public land. There’s a lot of private land. Without a handy dandy site like ParcelQuest, state agencies might have to talk to dozens of departments in dozens of counties to track down the relevant data. ParcelQuest is one-stop shopping with everything you need all on one site. And that data is fresh, people. It hasn’t been sitting on the shelf collecting dust. And it’s standardized. And spelled correctly. It even looks nice. Oh, and the data is authoritative, meaning it is guaranteed to be accurate. Some parcel data sites offer data that isn’t as accurate because they use data that was gathered and entered by some third party outside of the state. We only use verified information, straight from every county assessor.

Say you work for the Environmental Protection Agency, or other environmentally focused agency, and you need to take soil samples. There’s a good chance you’ll need access to privately owned land, and you’ll want to be really, really, really sure that you have accurate information to track down the owner to notify them. Some people like surprises! But not a lot of people like strangers walking around on their property. So, it’s always best to be sure, and do a proper property ownership lookup. You can search properties by owner name,
APN number, and so much more.

Or maybe you need information from multiple counties. At the end of the day, you need a solution that allows you to skip calling assessors’ offices because you need the info faster than that. The solution? That’s right—ParcelQuest. Just log into your account and you’re almost done already.

ParcelQuest serves dozens of industries with hugely varying needs. What all these industries have in common is that they need the most accurate, up-to-date California parcel data available. No matter what industry or agency you work in, ParcelQuest is the only place that has all the right data you need all in one place.

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