Raising a Glass to California’s GIS Professionals

Here at ParcelQuest, we recognize a kindred spirit when we see one. That’s why we love GIS professionals. All of you out there spending hours poring over data, aligning boundaries, cross-referencing geospatial elements, and charting correlations between demographic and geographic features…we see you, and we salute you.

We’re also here to help you in any way we can, because if the information you need is parcel-related in the state of California, well, that’s kind of our whole thing.

But if you’re not a GIS professional, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. What is GIS technology? What does it have to do with parcel data? And how can up-to-date parcel information possibly save the world (or at least make your day a little better?)

First Off: What Is GIS?

GIS stands for “geographic information systems.” In other words, spatial systems used to create, manage, analyze, and map all types of data. That might include anything from road networks, parcel boundaries, infrastructure, photographs, satellites, drone imagery, and all sorts of tabular data.

GIS professionals are found in many industries. Whether they’re conducting a scientific investigation, developing infrastructure, or analyzing consumer trends, GIS professionals are often unsung heroes who pave the way for other work to happen—by uncovering hidden trends, finding uncharted opportunities, or seeing the big picture in a way nobody else can.

What Is GIS Data Used For?

The better question is what can’t GIS data be used for? The beauty of GIS is it allows multiple types of information to be viewed together. Analyzing the spread of a disease, planning response to a natural disaster, developing and implementing communication infrastructure, you name it—if you’ve ever needed to see how data interacts in a spatial sense, you can’t beat spatial analysis.

Need to see where buildings are in relation to flood zones? Curious about the demographics of neighborhoods near areas of heavy pollution? Want to check a property’s assessor value against its proximity to a pistachio farm? GIS information can help you with all of that and more.

Parcelquest Is Here for Your GIS Mapping Needs

ParcelQuest offers GIS information for every California parcel (all 13 million of them!), standardized across all 58 counties, and you can view our maps in as much or as little detail as you need: parcel boundaries, topography, flood zones, seismic hazards, and more. And if you only need a small section to work with? Our GIS parcel export service allows you to request a shape file containing just the parcels within a boundary you specify—no more, no less.

Our team of on-site mappers work tirelessly to keep our parcel layer accurate to the most current parcel boundaries. Our geographic data is matched to assessor information and zoning data, so you can always trust the accuracy of a parcel’s vital characteristics.

Need something even more robust? Try ParcelQuest Gateway, our Esri integration product that delivers our up-to-date parcel data through our feature service. Esri has long set the standard for mapping in the GIS industry, and ParcelQuest sets the standard for accurate California parcel data. Gateway is the perfect marriage of the two.

So whether you’re a GIS pro or a parcel enthusiast, we’re here to serve you with the freshest, most up-to-date, complete, authoritative data anywhere in The Golden State. Reach out for more information, or subscribe today at the service level of your choice to experience the power of our GIS tools for yourself.

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